About Symposium

SASTech conference series has established itself as an international forum for presenting scientific results related to innovative fundamental and applied research in five main science disciplines. The conference aims to bring together academics as well as industrial practitioners, to share their most recent research, practical solutions and experiences and to discuss the trends, opportunities and challenges in the fields of a nova applicable vision to computer engineering and information technology, Electrical and Communication Technology, Civil and Environmental Engineering as well as Urban studies and the built environment. Click for more information
Following the successful events of the series of SASTech symposiums in the last 14 years, it is our pleasure to announce the commencement of the 15th Symposium on Advances in Science & Technology (15thSASTech-2022) will be held in 2022. The Symposium will be from December , 2022. This symposium consists of five commissions:
A nova applicable vision to:
1. computer engineering and information technology
2. Electrical and Communication Technology
3. Civil and Environmental Engineering
4.Urban studies and the built environment
5. sport science
It should be noted that, like previous symposia, this year a number of articles selected by the scientific board of reviewers, will be published in journals whom are supporting this symposium. I wish you all success and pleasant time during this symposium and for the rest of years to come.
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